Leadership into the future

It is often stated – and very true – that before you can lead anyone, you must be able to lead yourself.

To know:

  • Where you are heading
  • Why you are heading in that direction
  • How to get there
  • And finally, being able to fully realise the exceptional outcomes

Therefore having a title won’t make you a leader. Everyone has the opportunity to be a leader if they positively influence others. People of influence who multiply their effectiveness don’t rely on “positional power” but on “personal power.” While the position or title they have gives them authority, it is qualities such as integrity, trust, faith in people, the ability to actively listen and respond appropriately, to empower and understand people that sets them apart.

And most importantly of all – communicate effectively with clear purpose.

Everyone matters. Everyone makes a difference. The greatest insult in life or in business is indifference. We can’t afford the perception that people don’t matter enough for us to engage them. What people “do” could be divided into activity and accomplishment. What percentage of our day is made up of activity, as opposed to accomplishment? The latter largely depends on positive influence.

When it comes to leadership (as distinct from management), we are all a work in progress. All of us can lead better. None of us ever truly master the art. Each of our lives is a leadership “lab.”  We don’t need an organization or title to lead. What we need is a desire to make a positive difference and an awareness of the opportunities to lead that present themselves every day. This is determined more by who we are – our character, than what we know.

If each of us chose to lead (by positively influencing) at the right time in the right way what might our company be like? The real test of leadership could be – If you had no title or ability to reward or penalize others, could you still get them to follow you?

The person who thinks they are leading, but has no one following them, is only going for a walk.

So take charge of your career – whether you are an owner/director, CEO, GM or family business leader – indeed whatever walk of life.

Become your own CEO – Chief Energy Officer – and turn 2012 into a highly successful year and achieve all you have planned for – both personally and professionally.

The alternative – believe everything we read in the daily press and get mightily depressed!

Best wishes to all.

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