Leadership – the buck stops with you

Effective leadership will take many forms – but at its core, it necessarily includes the ability to:

  • Articulate a vision and overarching strategy
  • Establish guiding principles
  • Achieve commitment to goals, plans and actions from beginning to end – with good governance enshrined
  • Make decisions quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Earn the trust of your people, include them in the process, treat them fairly, keep them informed and accountable
  • Engage people, to positively influence by effective, appropriate and courageous communications
  • Keep the organisation focussed on the positive outcomes
  • Display clearly your own brand of charisma or ‘presence’
  • And above all else, when you look in the mirror each morning, remind yourself the buck stops with you – holding yourself accountable, personally and professionally, as leader for not only your career, but your organisation

Therefore a definition of Leadership – “To maximise the expectations, the positive hope of the outcomes that come from change – while minimising the fear of change for those involved.”

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