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Business Pulse - A Health Check

Some questions to ponder for the business owner

As globalisation and electronic commerce create significant change for local businesses, enterprise survival is becoming a national obsession. Organisations want the best and often are ruthlessly dismissing those who do not meet the grade. An ability to adapt to change, to empower staff and to be flexible and global in outlook are a few of the attributes required of the new millennium owner and executive. To address the issues to survive and thrive in the new millennium -

Ask Yourself these Key Questions -

  1. Are your Personal and Business goals in alignment to avoid conflict between personal aspirations/values and business decisions?
  2. Do you appreciate the business?
  3. Are you professionalising Management flowing from a focussed Leadership?
  4. Are you resourced and funding for growth and retirement?
  5. Are you managing transition to future ownership?

Fundamentally are your Key Planning Areas:

  1. Effective business planning consistent with your desired culture
  2. Effective management systems – including setting financial benchmarks
  3. Fitting the best people for the organisation
  4. Growth strategies and margins
  5. Dealing with competitors, customers & suppliers – negotiation & selling skills
  6. How to market the business effectively – SWOT, Value Proposition & E-commerce
  7. Transition, succession and exit planning incl. retirement from rather than to the business
  8. Key staff career development, goal setting and ongoing accountability

You perhaps think all this is going exceptionally well at the moment. Have all the issues been ticked off? Can it be improved? Are you really prepared? Maybe re-appraise?

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