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Career Coach - Coaching for the Career Minded

Career Coaching, Mentoring and Transition Management

Your job is to get that job.

Our commitment is to you and your success, so our Career Management program and module options are logical, user-friendly and achieve desired outcomes. The supporting documentation is based on the maximum of commercial reality and the minimum of theory.

Implementation takes into account each individual’s pace, adaptability and functional background. We assist you in developing a proactive plan, devising the best way to achieve career continuation that will suit your individual needs and wants.

Once the plan is agreed upon, your approach is based on the premise...“Your job is to get THAT job.”

The Situation Audit

Our step by step approach is based on our experience and knowledge, and utilises your unique skills. Our Situation Audit will identify and explore...

  • Your Key Transferable Skills
  • A Role Profiling Assessment
  • A Character Profiling Assessment
  • Preferred Organisation Style and Culture
  • A Skills and Strengths Assessment
  • Achievements and Work Solution Summary
  • Review and counselling at each step
  • Compilation of a Summary Statement of future career objectives.

Other key components of our work with clients are as follows:

Career Assessment and Focus

  • Situation audit, Self/Role profile, Organisation Culture
  • Identification of transferable skills and achievements
  • Goal setting/work-life issues
  • Career path direction

Written Presentation

  • Resume (Marketing Brochure) preparation and review
  • Comprehensive marketing support documentation

Verbal Skills and Techniques

  • Research and preparation
  • Selling yourself
  • Interview/Meeting Q&A/telephone techniques and "rehearsals"
  • Negotiation Skills

Accessing the Hidden Market and Self Marketing

  • Targeting strategies
  • Networking
  • Techniques and approaches

Coaching and Mentoring Services – guidance can include;

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Self/Team Assessment
  • Ongoing Strategy development and review/action plans
  • Presentation Skills.

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