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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching, Mentoring or Goalkeeping™?

Working with a Goalkeeper™ gives you an opportunity to focus on strategic issues specific to you into the medium and long term.

Topics can range from a self perception assessment and business diagnostic through to developing ongoing career and personal goals, with appropriate strategies and plans including 'self marketing'.

Our work has the flexibility to be modified based on your feedback and your needs. We encourage you to tailor the process to ensure you get the maximum value. If you wish our work can be structured to your specific needs (with an eye to the future) or merely use us as that ad hoc sounding board - always there as and when required.

What makes Executive Goalkeeping™ work?

Expertise. The Mentor or Goalkeeper™ has knowledge, skills, and experience, which makes all the difference. Working together we can increase your effectiveness in...

  • making productive decisions;
  • setting goals that are both far-reaching and manageable;
  • cultivating your willingness to go beyond the ‘comfort zone’ in accomplishing these goals.

After we have clearly identified where you want to be, we then closely collaborate to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

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