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Executive Coaching

Are you really happy or are you just treading water?

Did you know that over 50 per cent of successful people...

  • Are highly qualified and "skilled up" but not quite totally aware of how to effectively apply all their talents
  • Make less than 10 per cent of the decisions that determine their future
  • Do not experience satisfaction commensurate with their success
  • Have not defined their career and business direction
  • Suffer increasing levels of concern regarding their long term prospects
  • Cannot manage employer or market perceptions of their abilities and goals
  • Are just going with the flow, 'imprinted' by early and critical workplace experiences.

Startling, isn't it? But then, if you are reading this, you probably agree - and you know it's perhaps time to make a move.

Our Executive Coaching partnerships are designed for clients with comprehensive, in-depth managerial experience at senior levels, who have maintained their business network and contacts.

What can an Executive Coach do for your organisation?

Specifically our work can encompass self and team development within the context of your current organization. It will - but not necessarily - cover leadership enhancement, executive team building and communication/presentation styles and skills development. We will, together, map out a program that is right for you - and your organization.

To understand more fully please view the:

Also the work we undertake together will include our comprehensive manual, The Senior Executive Development Guide. This valuable navigation tool is used as an accredited reference as your Mentor (and occasional Coach) works with you one-on-one, tackling key issues and keeping you on track to achieve your goals - all with a very strategic eye to the medium and long term.

To summarize, read our thoughts on strategic "Organisation and Leadership Development".

An Executive Coach can help you get to where you want to be

So consider taking advantage of some significant Executive Coaching, Transition and Organisational Leadership Development possibilities - and get to where you would like to be. We can be your professional friend and sounding board - if you choose.

We passionately believe life, both personally and professionally, is all about choice - choosing to take control of your future to the benefit of both yourself and your organization - with a planned and smooth transition.