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Business & Leadership Development

Organisation and Leadership Development

On the way up, or on the way out?

As globalisation and e-commerce create significant change for business, enterprise survival is becoming a national obsession. Organisations want the best - and often ruthlessly dismiss those who do not make the grade.

The ability to adapt to change, empower staff and be global in outlook are just a few of the attributes required of executives and managers in the new millennium.

Our people have the skills to help you with all aspects of Organisational and Leadership Development – from knowing how to empower individuals to achieve their best through to succession planning, recruitment, promotion and career re-direction advice.

Do you have what it takes?

Success in business requires active governance, effective leadership and management, as well as optimisation of individual performances within a framework of shared vision and values.

Ensuring that organisational culture is as distinctive and consistent as a suite of well-designed stationery is a challenge most companies have yet to conquer.

We have a talented pool of advisers with solid experience in all facets of business. As former business leaders and senior executives, we have done the hard yards and lived to tell the tale! As your Executive Goalkeeper™, we will help you get where you want to be. You will:

  • gain an understanding of how to take full advantage of the strengths of the individuals within your organisation.
  • learn valuable insights into managing an organisation in a single-minded and highly focused way that can achieve significant output synergies. Learn how the functioning of an entity as a whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.
  • enhance your skills, knowledge and experience in how to continuously provide improved service to clients leading to increased benefits for shareholders, staff and management.
  • further enhance your understanding of how to develop a singular organisational culture and identity, while encouraging and benefiting from the strengths of the individuals within.

If you want to be a true leader – firstly lead yourself.

Quite often in today's fast paced world an external sounding board…a business peer…someone to talk to when the going gets tough, can be an invaluable aid. That’s where the Executive Mentor comes in.

With access to a resource outside your organisation, you can reach optimal growth and a true understanding of your capabilities and potential. We can define your direction with a road map and enhance your personal and professional leadership skills. And then work with you until you get to where you choose to be - and beyond.

So please read on to see what could be.


Leadership Development - Mentoring & Transition Management

Business Leadership Development

"Mentoring is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."


The objective is to support you as you develop and hone the skills you need, as well as give you the confidence to take on bigger challenges and greater responsibility. To lead others, you must first lead yourself. You will discover yourself and in the process, unleash your unrealised potential.


It can cover:

  • Leadership and personal development
  • Self marketing
  • Goal Setting
  • Client Service
  • Management and organisational development
  • Managing Change
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication and presentation
  • Team development and empowerment
  • Performance appraisal.


Completion will help you to:

  • uncover your leadership skills
  • stay connected to your vision so you can easily walk the path to success - in leadership, in your business, in your community, personally and professionally
  • achieve team synergy
  • discover and understand "Emotional Intelligence"
  • manage cultural/organisational/workplace diversity
  • develop a range of effective communication/presentation styles and strategies
  • develop long-term career and personal goals – work/life balance
  • identify stress factors and develop appropriate stress management strategies
  • identify a range of ongoing professional/personal development options.

Benefits For You

You will be able to identify and create opportunities for success – opportunities aligned with your true nature. Other benefits include:

  • greater understanding of yourself and others
  • developing self-confidence, self esteem, clarity, focus and balance
  • focus on a clear vision of what you want to create
  • strongly enhance leadership skills
  • better integration of your purpose, strengths, personal qualities and natural gifts and skills
  • stress free work environments – somewhere safe to go which is not counter-productive to the organisation
  • ability to build more productive relationships, both professional and personal.

Benefits For Your Organisation

  • improvement in performance, profits and people development
  • ability to see the vision and be part of it to achieve results
  • re-energizing as catalyst for action
  • retention of the right people
  • a well led, happier and more effective team
  • succession planning
  • helping people to move on and developing new leaders
  • growing leaders – growing business
  • opportunity to test out and explore ideas before committing within the organisation
  • ability to compete collectively – learning faster than competitors
  • cost effective outsourcing of a critical business need
  • productive work environments.

Benefits For the Reporting Team

  • clarity of direction
  • effectiveness / productivity
  • role models
  • transferable tools and techniques
  • relevant training programs
  • improved service delivery
  • confidence and openness.

Some would say it is the greatest mistake of all to do nothing – because you can only do little. But first you must know to which harbour you are headed, so you can catch the right wind to get you there. Contact us.