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The Peer Leaders Forum

‘Coaching, Mentoring and Goalkeeping can help people reach their goals, plus new ones in half the time and effort and without the frustration’

As business leaders and executives it is not uncommon to feel isolated in making decisions, dealing with staff, or setting goals and strategic directions. Wouldn’t it help to use an external group of executives facing similar issues to act as a sounding board in sharing knowledge and experiences – in a highly interactive workshop forum?

Carnegie Management Group convenes a relevant leadership program to focus on the personal development of executives to enhance management skills for effectively leading a business to its full potential.

What is the Peer Leaders Forum?

It involves a small group of executives/business owners from different industry sectors meeting monthly to share and exchange ideas and experiences.  Facilitators mentor participants over a 6-month period through a combination of group and individual sessions.  The facilitators are people with broad senior executive experience.

The group sessions are informal, yet address a series of topics that allow participants to learn as well as discuss ideas, issues, problems and experiences with other executives/business owners.

This is a unique opportunity to move beyond the four walls of your business and get a fresh view from people who really understand the issues you face.  While sometimes you may feel like it, you really aren’t alone!

The benefits of participating in the forum will be to:

  • Work on your individual and shared opportunities and key business/personal goals
  • Explore new business opportunities and strategies in a friendly, supportive environment
  • Tap into your ‘multiple mind’ and that of your peers, facilitators and guests
  • Form strategic alliances and networks which will serve you well beyond the Forum
  • Gain skills and insights, as well as find answers to questions/issues that confront you daily as a business leader and a manager.
  • Appreciate the usefulness of being mentored and become a leader-mentor to your own team
  • Develop new tools, new ways of thinking, acting and interacting, plus numerous handy hints
  • Have access to an ever growing portfolio of ideas, business systems, tools, resources and proprietary information
  • Develop new ways to reinvent your self as well as improve your personal growth, your role and your business

The Program has two parts:

Group Sessions cover the following four key areas:

  • Individual Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills

Topics covered in the group sessions include:

  • Individual/Team Assessment/Interaction
  • Leadership and managing people
  • Empowering staff
  • Negotiation skills
  • Implementing change
  • Setting performance targets
  • Time management – the art of delegation
  • Succession Planning
  • Managing difficult staff
  • Development and meeting personal goals
  • Identifying Skills/Qualities/Values
  • Organisation culture
  • Conflict management
  • Presentation Skills

These topics are intended as a guide and the program has the flexibility to be modified based on your feedback. This is your program and you are encouraged to tailor it to ensure you get the most value out of it.

Individual Sessions between yourself and the facilitator take place once in between the group sessions. This is a 2-hour session where you are able to discuss one-on-one any issues. Alternatively you may build on topics covered in the group sessions.

Specific issues may include:

  • a business diagnostic and review of your goals, interests and opportunities
  • insights into your talents, areas of personal and business strength, dilemmas and issues (SWOT analysis)
  • planning your further development including setting goals and developing strategies to achieve them
  • your specific interests and personal values, how to make them part of your leadership and management ethic

Why get involved?

Mentoring of executives is tried and proven.  What is different about The “Peer Leaders Forum” is that it provides participants with an opportunity in an informal, friendly and supportive environment to discuss, work through issues and develop effective and practical strategies away from the hustle and bustle of business.  It also offers a practical approach to learning with others facing the same challenges as yourself, and how to apply your new learning effectively and continually in your business.

Further, you will network others with common interests, share ideas and knowledge while enjoying the support and motivation generated by the group.

This is an exciting opportunity to realise both business and personal goals.

Who knows what can be achieved, it is entirely up to you.  The Carnegie Management Group is committed to working with you to achieve smarter outcomes that make a vital difference for both you and your organisation.

Program Structure:

The ongoing Forum is comprised of the following format:

Group Sessions

One 3-hour session per month for a 12-month period (excluding December and January).  A Group will comprise up to 10 participants from non-related industries together with 1 or more facilitators – whose primary focus is to contribute knowledge and value. With initial and final personal review meetings, this Program totals 34 hours of focused time.

In addition individual 2 hour sessions on a one/one basis with the facilitator are available at any time.

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