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Performance Management - Employee engagement & management

The People Aspect of Performance Management

Can any other issue be as relevant and important as having employees perform at their highest level, especially in the current economic climate?

What is Performance Management?

Performance management is a set of activities that determine whether goals are being met. It ensures there are clear expectations for all employees aligned with company mission, vision and values that have been understood, agreed to and are being implemented and appraised in a manner that ensures excellence.
Research is saying only one person in four is fully engaged costing Australian business tens of billions of dollars.  At a time when companies are looking for every source of competitive advantage, the workforce itself represents the largest reservoir of untapped potential.

Some Key Questions:

  • How many of your employees are fully engaged?
  • How do you know?
  • How do you develop and maintain a high-performance culture?
  • How can you encourage employees to contribute fully to the company’s success and find satisfaction and rewards in their work?
  • Are your internal communications effective in the engagement of all employees?
  • Do your current performance management policies and practices ensure maximum return on the investment in human capital?

How Can We Help?

At Carnegie, we can assist you in developing superior leadership and management strategies that address the above and work together with you to achieve targeted outcomes by:

  • clarifying the intent and identifying necessary skills and competencies
  • mentoring individuals and/or management teams to assist with understanding and application
  • pursuing the goal of engaging the hearts, minds and spirits of your people to respond positively and choosing to enrol in the company because of how they are treated
  • enhancing your organisation’s vital internal communications
  • developing clear and concise business and financial management information systems targeting key result areas

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