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Performance Management - Employee engagement & management

Sales Performance Management

As a senior executive you know that your organization lives and dies on the success of your sales force. There are many facets - strategies, procedures, guidelines, staff training and tools you introduce so that your sales management and sales team can be monitored and managed to create the result your company requires to grow, remain competitive and be successful!

However in time you may identify:

  • Lower than expected revenue streams and margins
  • Customers who have reduced their business with your company
  • Lost accounts
  • Loss of business to competitors

All brought about by perhaps a lack of effort, reduced focus and activity by your sales staff.

So how does this happen?

It is because you and your sales management are too close to the problem. It would be fair to say that, today, you could have staff underperforming and who may never reach their true potential and budgets and more importantly you may also have people who could easily rise above their current performance - they don’t because they are not being mentored, coached and motivated to realise their true capabilities.

Unfortunately by the time you have discovered these issues it’s too late, usually 6 – 12 months too late! You have now experienced a loss of potential revenue/margins and increased operating costs!

All the above is driven by or as a result of your most precious and most expensive asset, your people!

This is where we can help.

What we provide is mentoring, coaching and guidance to assist you to take a fresh view of your sales operation and management if required. This is not just about procedures and guidelines it’s about people being motivated and understanding why there are issues. Below are a number of other points that may affect your desired results:

  • It could be as difficult as the company culture not being recognized, explained and reinforced
  • Maybe your KPI’s are not delivering the desired results
  • Could be a combination of laziness, poor training and coaching or focus issues
  • Setting unattainable budgets which creates a plethora of other issues
  • Sales staff not being introduced correctly to understand the organization, your products, competitors and market place
  • Maybe your interviewing and decision process does not meet today’s requirements for your organization
  • Sales staff who just don’t have the skills and abilities to succeed

As you can see there are many issues which could affect your desired result and many more.

With one phone call and a no charge initial meeting we may be able to help your organization deliver the desired results!

Contact us today.