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Workplace Counselling - Employee counsellors

Do you need a happier workplace with increased motivation and engagement?

If your employees are not performing at their best lately, then perhaps you could do with some outside perspective from a workplace counsellor.

What is a Workplace Counsellor?

Workplace Counsellors work on-site to counsel any employee on any matter, personal or professional. Their greatest service to employees is to be available. Dressed casually, workplace counsellors regularly visit with employees and managers at their work stations and offices, establishing a rapport with workers and making them aware that counselling is available, especially during emergencies. They generally spend two days per week in a company, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

The overall purpose is to pay attention to the various needs of the workforce, as managers often do not have time, so that there is maximum satisfaction for the  employee and maximum engagement for the company - a truly win / win situation.

How can we help?

We can provide insight at your workplace by:

  1. Providing employees with support for any on-job related interpersonal challenge / conflict
  2. Assisting employees with emotional attitudinal difficulties such as anger, anxiety, stress or depression
  3. Helping employees with related health issues such as illness, substance abuse, fitness, diet, and weight control
  4. Support employees with family relationships – eg. parenting, grief, divorce, death
  5. Discussing ethical issues that arise
  6. Discussing any other issues that managers or employees wish to raise and discuss
  7. Report employee engagement levels and issues to Management

Reporting to Management

Counsellors would provide a monthly report to client company management detailing the hours spent with employees. However, names and details would be withheld due to confidentiality. If a serious matter occurred, where the workplace counsellor felt senior management should be informed, it should be done with the consent of the employee.

Find out what are some of the key performance measures in our Workplace Counsellor Performance Plan.

How does your workplace compare with the current engagement levels in Australian business?

No matter what the levels of engagement are in your business - we can help to get you where you want to be.

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